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To use God-given talent and skills to empower fellow women; to boost their confidence and provide convenience and comfort in their day-to-day life to fulfill different roles, duties and responsibilities by creating a Breastfeeding-friendly Fashion Line made from environment-friendly materials and durable enough to avoid becoming trash or discarded; use this innovation to provide a means of income for women and give convenience to those recovering in hospitals and evacuation centers.


To see women in all walks of life  happy when they receive the Maya Clothing as their first gift after giving birth; to make women confident, dignified and stress-free in fulfilling their duties, roles and responsibilities by having a functional Breastfeeding-friendly fashion line for work, breastfeeding , commuting or recovering in hospitals  or evacuation centers; saving the environment by making use of sustainable, organic materials that are durable to avoid becoming trash; give opportunity for women to get income through tailoring, marketing and sales; encouragement of breastfeeding in public and reduction of bottle-feeding and small tensions between couples by preventing chest and  stomach exposure in public.


Daily Challenge to find comfortable clothing to use for Breastfeeding to avoid chest & stomach exposure; using loose unpresentable or unfashionable clothing.

No privacy, experiencing unwanted stares from the public eye; feeling embarrassed and told to cover up constantly in public places.

Stress of hands being full to bring extra blankets or shawls for chest cover, bottled milk and a fan for baby.

Existing Alternatives:

Women wear any oversized T-shirt or Blouse Top that are lousy looking & not stretchable enough.

Underneath, they use a tube top or vest & wear a bra  with underwire.

They hide somewhere or bring extra blankets or shawls to cover their chest & stomach;

They are forced to spend extra on bottled milk.



To Create a Breastfeeding-friendly Fashion line  that empower women and meets SDG 3,5,8 & 12 in  a wide variety of patterns and styles that is wearable  and affordable to working women & women focused agencies (available in flexible payment options and wholesale prices)


  • Women empowerment
  • Boost Women’s Confidence
  • Provide Convenience
  • Easy breast access & adjustable breast support; a chest cover and fan for baby;
  • Deep pockets to carry necessities and pockets to insert cloth to absorb milk leaks;
  • stretchable , cool and absorbent cotton fabric.
  • Custom made patterns
  • Wide range of product from dresses, shirts, blouse top with pants, jumpsuits, rompers and vests for both mom and baby.
  • Payment terms are flexible, online, mobile cash, etc


This innovative design and pattern is the first of its kind in Fiji and Pacific island nations. We are the Pioneer in Breastfeeding-friendly Fashion line in Fiji. Couples will be stress-free all throughout the  breastfeeding period. We will get patterns patented; preservation of dignity and decency in public.

These dresses are made for:

  • Breastfeeding Mothers
  • Working Mothers
  • Market Vendors
  • Public Speakers and Public Servants
  • Spouse, Partners & Family members willing to gift them in hsopital
  • Breast Cancer Patients and Cancer Society of Fiji
  • Mother who just gave birth in hospital/ village
  • Market vendor with a baby
  • Nursing mother in an event
  • Friends & Family
  • Church member

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